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Video: D'Utama TMC Regular Meeting - 4 August 2011

Greetings Fellow Toastmasters,

We had a fantastic meeting on the 4th of August 2011 where our long time member Tan Kooi Ching, CC took us through a journey of self-reflection.

(Via email)
Dear Utamarian,
Thank you so much for your support. Again, we had an awesome meeting because all of your support. I really had fun although we had role change and hip cup here and there.
Just a summary of the meeting for those who missed the meeting.
Theme: The Life is Infite
President's opening and closing speech:
Steven, CC, I like the most of your speech is you call the audience for action to move out from our comfort zone.
Invocator: Chu Shi Wei had shared with us an inspired story of people who are so generous to support the diable people in United Voice.
Table Topic Master: Levin, a very creative and challenging topic to the speakers, but our speakers did it marvelously.
Table Topic Evaluator: Henry Fu, my apologies to ask you to swap the role last minutes. You have given an encouraging and sweet comment to all the speakers.
Humor Master: Shuen, thank you for appear on time to share the story and you success to make our audience laugh.
Assignment Speakers: Thank you for your interesting story and sharing.
Evaluators: You have show us a high standard of evaluation speech. I learned a lot from you.
General Evaluator Jeffery Andersen: Thank you for sharing and your comment for our meeting.
Language Evaluator: Nancy, thank you for your details report. Good catch of grammar mistakes.
Ah Counter: Stephanie Thanks for your report I think I am the Champion of pause filler. (Why? Absent too much)
Time Keeper: Thanks Jonathan for your report. I know I need to do better on time management in the future.
ASA1: Andrew, well done for first time doing the role.
ASA2: Siva, thank you for doing dual role. You had led a meeting by extending a warm welcome to our guests.
Award: Best Table Topic Speaker: Siva, DTM, Best Assignment Speaker: Patrick Ho,
Best Evaluator: Jaya, DTM.

Kooi Ching

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