Friday, March 16, 2012

D'Utama TMC Meeting - 15 March 2012 (Thank You)

(distributed via email)

Dear D'Utamarians,

The time machine take off sharp at 7:30pm and safely landed at 10pm sharp (Mar 15, 2012)...A great evening with more than 40 people in the meeting...full of positive energy, great learning and fun

I like to thanks all my roles players...and 23 guests who attended the meeting and give full support to the THEME: TIME MACHINE

ASA Teoh Chun Ming reached the venue around 6:30pm ...thanks to Teoh Chun Ming, Siva, Johnson Yike, Cheong Kuok Sum who help to set up the room. LE Henry Fu selected a word HORIZON and your EVALUATION on language usage was sharp and appropriate. Ah Counter VK and Timer Andrew who performed their duties to the very best of their abilities

Acting President Hoo Sze Ling opening speech was great, Marcus Loi's Teh Tarik for the Soul bring us to the past (in comply with the theme time machine) and kick start the meeting with ooomm....

G Levin as Table Topics Master take the audience to the Past, Present and Future....follow by feedback by Nancy Liew as TT Evaluator to 6 speakers who quote different timing ...I feel like I m travelling in different time Horizon...Great Job Levin and Nancy

Humour Masters Hoo Sze Ling once again take us to another time Horizon usual Sze Ling make us laugh before the break. We had great fellowship (break) session for 15 min

Assignment speaker Claudine with great courage delivered her Ice Breaker...the audience voted her as the best speaker for the night, Jack's speech Verbal English was relevant and related to our day to day life. Shi Wei's speech was informative, I like your visual aids (the picture)...I learned something from your speech

GE Cheong Kuok Sum with his team of Evaluators Gan Teong Hock, Emil Anthony, Johnson Yike and Sivalingam (Special Thanks to Siva who evaluate my advanced assignment as TME) offer constructive feedback to all the speakers...great learning during the feedback session

Overall...the meeting was full of special thanks to VPE Jonathan who help to print the Agenda and Teoh Chun Meng for helping to off the light while TIME MACHINE take off

Great Meeting...a fulfilling night....Great Job to all Role Players

SOH Fong Wai
TME for Mar 15, 2012