Wednesday, May 2, 2012

An Area Governor's Experience in Toastmaster Movement

The biggest benefit of joining Toastmasters is about discovering and taking steps beyond individual potentials in communication and leadership which add value in our daily life. 

Presenting speeches on stage or during the speech contest improves the art of speaking. Speech Evaluation practice further enhances our critical thinking skill. However, we can't develop these skills without a platform, an audience, an orderly program and an operational team.  Hence, we must have an ardent base, that is, a committed society together with positive force to maintain a positive and supportive learning environment to foster personal growth.

With this club's mission in mind, I continue to serve in the Toastmasters District year after year in various capacity.  Particularly, after having served as Club President for two (2) terms in both Area B1 and Area B4, I am delighted to share my accumulated Toastmasters experience with others about the wonder of Toastmasters leadership that could help to achieve organization success.

It has been a fulfilling journey of being Area B5 Governor (AG) this term (2011/2012) in my 7th year of Toastmaster journey.  I stepped out from my comfort zone to next level of my two home areas and work with five (5) other clubs [ie MAS Cempaka TMC, Crystal TMC, Phoenix TMC, KEU TMC & Scope TMC] under Division B, District 51 since June 2011. I had gained wider learning horizon.  I belief firmly in establishing affiliation amongst the five (5) clubs via regular Area Council Meeting, Area Workshops, Joint Area Meeting, Joint Area Contests and Club Visitations with the aim to reach out and assist their clubs' mission.    Working with mixture of Community Clubs and In-House Clubs certainly provide cross-advantage by exchanging ideas of processes on a convenient ground. Council Members pick up the workable approach from others, at the same time learning and suggesting best alternatives. Overall improvements can be obtained from close follow up and collective efforts.

Besides, as one of the District 51 Officers under Division B, I encountered new experiences each time I partake in its activities. One of it was organizing 25 clubs' Club Officers Training (COT) on 9th July 2011.  Speaking as an Organizing Chairman before an audience of  200-people was one self-challenge and good enough reason for me take up the AG position.  My dream came true, my evolvement realized. 

Art of speaking and team effort of positive leadership are two major elements to determine clubs' success, especially in a non-profit organization of Toastmasters.  Hence, the "Toastmasters Educational Program" is a useful guide which provide not too easy nor too difficult route for us to pursue to become confidence and effective communicator or leader.  I have been following this program with clear set goal and good time management  despite my personal busy schedule.

To those who helped me out during the term in my various area programs, I must thanked them for their time and effort they had put forth. They are my entire Area B5 Council Members (Club Presidents, VPEs & VPMs); my toastmaster boss ACB Lim Lay Kun (Div B Governor) and the entire team of Div B Council for their support on area on-going events ; DTM G Sivalingam (TLI Chairman aka my mentor) for COT advice ,  ACG Lee Wei Seong (Past Div W Mentor Chair aka my mentor) and DTM Johnson Yike (Deputy TLI Chairman & Past AG) being facilitators of Area Workshop; ACG Gan Teong Hock (Area B4 AG aka Co-Co of Joint Area Contest) and ACS Paulynn Gan (Immediate Past Area B5 Governor).

Lastly, even though I will end my AG role in 3 more months, I will continue my voyage of discovery with Toastmasters.  

My Next Leap ~ ACG!  Will you walk with me?

Written by Nancy Liew