Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Youth Leadership Program 2011/2012

D’utama Youth Leadership Program for Tsun Jin high school-12-13 November 2011

It was a great learning experience for me as chief coordinator for Youth Leadership program
(YLP) in Tsun Jin High School last year.

This was 1st time for us to organize in house YLP at Tsun Jin high school from 12-13 November
2011. We were facing challenges in convincing Board of Director of Tsun Jin school, how this program would benefit their students. We would like to express our gratitude to our ‘godfather’ Lee Wei Seong, who has put great effort to promote this program to Board Director that would help to improve public speaking and leadership skills. We also want to thanks the school for accepting our proposal. 20 participants have been selected to participate in this program.

Day 1 agenda :
Since most of the participants came from different classes, they did not know each other well. However with the present of our game master Joseph Tham who managed to ‘break the ice’ during Ice breaking session among the participants has energized the whole day session with creative games and interactive teaching. 

Jamie Phuah started 1st session with introduction of Public speaking, in which the participants will understand the fundamental skill of public speaking.

Next, our President Steven Lai shared how to practice Impromptu speaking where the participants were encourage to speak with ‘simple’ table topics.

After impromptu session, they were trained with the basic skills of public speaking by our facilitators. Kudos to our dedicated facilitators team who share with participants how to do Self introduction by Nick Tozer; to Organise a speech by Viswam Rajaratnam; Listening & providing Evaluation by Nancy Liew and introduction of speaker by Jonathan Moh.

The participants were grouped into two groups to do the assignments after presentation from each facilitator. They were guided by our dedicated mentors team, how to apply the skill as shared by the facilitators.

Day 2 agenda:
A new brand day with enthusiasm of learning spirit from the participants, they were taught by facilitator Teoh Chun Ming, how to practice vocal in a speech. Other than apply Vocal in a speech, they were taught by Kitti who is a professional trainer, about Body gesture in a speech.

By learning the basic fundamental skill of public speaking in these 2 days, the participants were able to inject their skills and talens for an assignment in which they have to incorporate whatever they learned from day 1 and put it in a sketch which they have to act out. Thanks to our professional trainer Kitti who manage to ‘organise’ the sketch by involving every participant to speak and act. We were surprise to see their talent and innovative idea for the sketch. Every one were entertaining by the participants in the sketch…

The success of Youth leadership program in Tsun Jin school, was due to commitment and teamwork by our facilitators & mentors. Without their help, this program wouldn’t be a success one. Also to Kelly Ang, who has been assisting me in coordination work. In spite of falling sick these 2 days, she still came to help. Her commitment was respectable…

Again, thanks to our godfather Lee Wei Seong who put in enormous effort to spare this significant part, the YLP each year with us. His guidance and commitment in helping us to make the YLP a successful one…

YLP does provide unlimited chances for self-advancement for those who truly uphold its value and willing to help others!!!

Dearest members, take proactive role to be committee in organize YLP, you will learn and enjoy the self- advancement process…the choice is yours !

Wen Lee
Chief coordinator
D’utama YLP 2011