Monday, July 23, 2012

19 July 12: TME's Appreciation

Dear fellow members,

I hope you have had a fantastic 2nd meeting of the term under the theme "SHIFTING GEARS"

Thank you to all the role players:

  • Chee, Kenny and Yew Choong for an excellent first time job as ASA, Timekeeper & Grammarian respectively.
  • Bing for the Teh Tarik Magic

  • Siva for the entertaining Table Topics - I had a differing opinion. I felt you delivered the titles crisp & clear.
  • Sze Ling for your sense of humour.
  • VK, also for your sense of humour.
  • Ginger, for graciously accepting the role of the mysterious Ahhhhhhh Counter. You even impressed your colleague.
  • P/S: Congratulations on being the BEST TABLE TOPICS speaker.
  • Evaluators Kooi Ching, Shi Wei, The President & Siva (for double role).
  • P/S: Shi Wei: Happy Birthday! And I voted for you as Best Evaluator.
  • And Ivy for your critical assessment. We will need to rethink the use of the lectern - won't we... hmmm.

To the assignment speakers:

  • Jo Chung for the WINNING Ice Breaker. You are ready to shift into the next gear!

  • Andrew - I agree with Ivy. What made your speech absorbing was that you were passionate.
  • You selected a topic which you were comfortable with. That's always a great strategy so that you can concentrate more on skills of communicating the message rather than content of message. More so, I felt you were calm, collected and cool. You can do even better next speech.
  • Levin - Man, I like your pacing. Cool, calm, clear. And great eye contact. Teach me teach me.

  • Gan - Congratulations on finishing the final part of your HPL.

Good night for now. See you in the next meeting.

Jason Chew