Monday, July 23, 2012

Fun night at Crazy Hat Party + Installation Night on 30th June 2012

A congratulations message from one of our club members, Lim Bing Yee,

"An ocean of fun for the slick installation 2011;
A sea of smiles for creative 'mad'-hatted toastmasters;
A river of ingenuity for tellers of tall tales;
A stream of strength for dedicated roasty-toasty TM's 'young and mature';
A huge drop of immeasurable faith for our newly elected committee 2012"
"Good luck to DTM Johnson Yike and his new team and an amazing job done to Immediate Past President Steven Lai and his team."

Pringles Game

Short listed Crazy Hats contestants

Steven Lai and his family

Toast Master of the Year Award Winner _ Nancy Liew

Ice cream time!

Our Tall Tale Contest Champion of the night - Calvin Lim
Group photo for a memorable night!
Special thanks to Ian Cheong for sharing the photos with us!