Monday, September 17, 2012

DUTM Club Meeting on 20th September 2012

(updated as of 18 Sept, 1:00PM by Johnson) 

Dear members,
Our next meeting on 20 September 2012 will be no ordinary one! It will be a JOINT MEETING with Sunway Toastmasters Club! Did you know that our club is the club sponsor for Sunway Toastmasters Club? So indeed we have a long history with this wonderful club which meets on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Thursdays of the month! Read more about them on their blog!
All speaking slots have been taken up but don't worry! There are plenty of roles available for you to hone your speaking skills and get credited for them in your Competent Leadership (CL) manual! Please remember to bring your CL manual with you to the meeting and appoint a member to be your evaluator for the relevant projects!

Here is the much awaited list of role players for the meeting:

Toastmaster of the Evening     : Jack Ng
Theme of the Meeting              : Just Do It

ASA1 (Registration)                  : Vacant
ASA2 (Call meeting to order)    : Chan Yew Choong, TM
Teh Tarik for the Soul               : Andrew Chieng, TM
Table Topic Master                   : Kenneth Chen, TM

Table Topic Evaluator               : Lim Bing Yee, ATMB
Humour Master                         : Vacant

Ah Counter                                : KC Gan, TM
Time Keeper                              : Chee Foe Hoe
Language Evaluator                  : Steven Lai, CC

General Evaluator                     : S.K. Ratnam, DTM

Assignment Speakers / Speech Evaluators
1. Timothy Tan                          CC #1    (Evaluator #1: Calvin Lim, ACS)
2. Jo Chung Kit Chan                CC # 2   (Evaluator #2: Aaron Ng, CC  )
3. Jason Chew                          CC # 10  (Evaluator #3:  Lincoln Leong , ACB/CL )
4. Selina Chong of Sunway TM Club   (Evaluator #4:  Allen Kam, ACS, ALB )

To all speakers, please email Jack your speech title, speech objectives, name of manual, and notes to the evaluator by latest Monday 17 September 2012. His email address is