Thursday, October 25, 2012

Being the TME on 4th October 2012 - Goh Sheen Yee

Hosting a Toastmasters Regular Meeting and playing as a Toastmaster of the Evening (TME) on last Thursday (4 October) had been an adventurous ride for me. I had done this a couple times in the past (about 5 times) and I find that this time is a breakthrough for me in terms of my level of confidence and poise when I speak.

I managed to enjoy every moment while hosting the event. In fact, I was also overwhelmed that the evening turned out to be quite a meaningful meeting. I even remember the General Evaluator commented that “there is not a dull moment” throughout the two-and a half-hour meeting session.

About 5 months ago, I had the opportunity to be the TME, but it did not create a full impact on the audience as I was really agitated.I had spoken like a “Cho-Cho train” (super fast). With this precious opportunity to host a TM meeting again, I saw it as another new challenge for me; I reminded myself to speak slowly and patiently instead.

I set the theme: ‘It Takes Courage’ for the night’s meeting is because I was truly inspired by the great speakers who could stand up and share a part of themselves with the audience, their speech, aside from their great skills and quick thinking, they also need a tremendous amount of bravado. Choosing such a theme allows me to study “courage” and understand how courage can be garnered or found. I am grateful such a simple and easy theme could be well appreciated and enlightened the audience.

The evening would not have been successful without role players like the Language Evaluator ACB Hoo Sze Ling, who evaluated the quality of the use of the English language and her word of the day is “pristine”, our Invocator TM Billy Low, who shared with us a poem related to being courageous, our Table Topic Master TM Nick Tozer, who came out with 6 interesting topics related to courage, our Table Topic Evaluator ACB CL Henry Fu, who in spiteof the very short of time of preparation managed to “cook up” a good evaluation, our Humour Master TM VK Choong who managed to make us laugh at his rather lame-funny jokes, our Timekeeper TM Jack Ng who was very precise with his time keeping and our Ah-Counter ATMB Lim Bing Yee who to my surprise, could not find any pause fillers in the TME because she still spoke too fast! I would also like to recognise the much appreciated and precious role players ASA 1 TM Marilyn Lim and ASA 2 TM Chee Fong Hoe who ensured that the meeting was carried out smoothly without a kink.

Other than the abovementioned, our star for the second half of the meeting session: Speakers TM Chan Yew Choong, CC Steven Lai, and CC CL Marcus Loi. They prepared their speeches well and delivered them as they had intended.

Speech Title: Procrastinate And You Will...

Speech Title: Believe It Or Not

Speech Title: Pak Pandir

The evaluators for the speeches i.e. CC Chai Wen Lee, CTM Alex Tan and DTM G Jayam also did their best to point out commendable areas and areas of improvement for the speakers. The whole evaluation session was conducted by our General Evaluator DTM Yip Wah Pung who also doubled up as a “commentator / critique” for the night’s meeting.

I would like to thank everyone who attended the D’Utama meeting on 4th October, and all the role players who supported the evening. For members who could not make it that night, please do not be dismayed, there will always be meetings as interesting and refreshing as this one.

Written By Goh Sheen Yee
Videos by Johnson Yike