Friday, December 7, 2012

Meeting report for 'Time to Bloom'

Time to Bloom-a meeting develops by Lim Bing Yee ATMB...

Three months earlier a conversation between 'S.L and B.' ensued over scrumptious Korean food...

S.L.: So what can we do to make the meetings exciting?
B.: Why don't we have a 'Ladies Nite” only
S.L.: Yeah that would be guys!
B.: Think it'll be good to have all ladies speaking and do as many roles as possible.
S.L.: Yeah good idea, I'll suggest it to the committee.
B.: Ok let me know what happens. Gotta check to see if we have enough ladies to play roles. Send me the register please.
S.L: Will Do.

Two and a half-months earlier by Whatsapp an intelligent conversation continues...

S.L.: Ok the committee thought a Ladies Night would be a great idea. you be TME?
B.: Can, lah.
S.L.: Do you have a pic I can use to put up an advert on the website?
B.: Can, lah
S.L. You all right to get role players?
B.: Can, lah.
S.L.: Err sorry but I can't be there.
B.: Aiyah, no problem lah and thanks for all the stuff you've done so far.

Two weeks before meeting, to be held on the first Thursday of December, the intelligent conversation continues by Whatsapp...

B.: I've got all the role players sorted, Always like to get organised ahead of time.
S.L.: We don't have that many ladies in our club do we?
B.: Nope but don't worry, have sourced a quality lady TM from another club. She's good.
S.L.: But at least we have quality over quantity.
B.: Yep. And I like the mystery concept. Good to keep members guessing who our speakers are.
S.L.: So you're ready?
B.: Think so, will send out program via VK and let Boss know
S.L.: Good
B.: Now you go out and enjoy your holiday. We'll be right. Let you know how it goes.

The day after the meeting on the 6th December, Whatasapp connections continued between 'S.L and B'...

S.L.: Hi B! How was the meeting last night? I trust all went well
B.: Hey ho buddy. Meeting fab. A lot of guests. Possible sign ups. The mystery concept was fun. Our member N. T. last meet. We gave him a farewell card and had a good teh tarik afterwards.
S.L.: Last meet? Why? He returning to Australia?
B.: N. T. knew he was leaving. Sad huh but told him never be a stranger when you come back to KL for a visit.
S.L: Nice.
B.: And guess who dropped by? Our ex-member B X. Great to see him on hols and at meeting.
S.L.: Nice.
B.: Yep, meeting good. D'Utama always great to see friendly faces. Think Mr. resident J.Y will have videos and snippets of speakers and stuff. Check it out. Enjoy rest of hols. Don't forget to flash your best asset.
S.L.: My smile...
B.: Of course. :-) Catch you @ Frasers for 15...might go Tarantula hunting. Nite
S.L.: Can't wait. Yahoo Nite.

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