Monday, February 4, 2013

Next Meeting - 7 Feb 2013

Greetings to all of you!

Good news to all of you, there are still many opportunities for you to take part in the meeting.
For all the speakers, please provide me your speaking manual#, objectives, and notes to the evaluator & time & speech title as soon as possible.

Theme of the Meeting: To be announced
The Cast (as of 1 Feb 2013):
Toastmaster of The Evening (TME) : Tan Kooi Ching, ACB ALB
ASA1 (registration) : -- Vacant --
ASA2 (call meeting to order) : -- Vacant --
Teh Tarik for the Soul : G. Levin
Table Topic Master : -- Vacant --
Table Topic Evaluator : Chan Yew Choong
Humour Master : Jack Ng
Ah Counter : -- Vacant --
Time Keeper : Tarcayani
Language Evaluator : -- Vacant --
General Evaluator : Lim Bing Yee, ATMB

Assignment Speakers Project # Evaluators
1. Shawn Chen CC#2 (Organize Your Speech) Dr. Goh Sheen Yee, CC
2. Billy Low CC#9 (Persuade With Power) -- Vacant --
3. Chai Wen Lee, CC AC#? (TBC) Calvin Lim, ACS
4. Hoo Sze Ling, ACB AC#? (TBC) Nancy Liew, ACS ALS

See you guys there !

Tan Kooi Ching