Sunday, June 30, 2013

Experience of Serving as a District Secretary - Teoh Chun Ming

1. What are the duties of a District Secretary?
As the name suggests, a secretary writes meeting minutes! The District Secretary writes the meeting minutes for District Executive Committee Meetings, District Council Meetings and as and when when the Senior Officers meet. The District Secretary also compiles the Club Exco Lists from all the Toastmasters clubs for district directory.

2. What has this role taught you about leadership?
The role has taught me a lot this term. I have learnt to better organize my work and time.

3. What inspired or motivated you to take up this position?
After having served at the club, area and division levels, I felt that it was time to accept more challenging roles. It was indeed a challenging term, especially at the beginning of the term when I was most busy. But no regrets, I have learnt a lot this term.

4. Who do you consider to be your role model in terms of leadership?
I have served under many great leaders the past few terms. I'm blessed to have worked with Presidents of D'Utama Toastmasters Club (Jack Leong and Calvin Lim), Division B Governors (Irene Lee and Lim Lay Kun) and currently District 51 Governor Ramdas Nayar. All of them are my role models as each of them has their own strengths. Not forgetting the Godfather of D'Utama Toastmasters Club, Lee Wei Seong. He's another great leader that I look up to.

5. How has Toastmasters helped you in your personal and/or professional life?
As mentioned earlier, Toastmasters has taught me to better organise my work and time.

6. If there was anything you could do differently with regards to your Toastmasters involvement, what would that be?
If I could turn back the clock, I would strive to do more speeches. As much as I would like to continue doing my speeches, the workload at my workplace, commitment to my Toastmasters role and time constraint have hindered me from progressing with my speeches.

7. What are your plans after this term?
Attend club meetings more regularly and do more speeches! =)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Journey to DTM (2nd Round) - Soh Fong Wai

The Journey to DTM (2nd Round)

Name: SOH Fong Wai

Club: DTM TMC & D Utama TMC

There are two programs I love very much:-
1) 15 sets of Advanced Manuals
2) High Performance Leadership (HPL) Program

The 15 sets of advanced manuals (The Toastmasters Communication Track) motivated me to continue to attempt advanced assignments after my DTM. I found there were many things to learn in the advanced assignments and I loved to explore more than just 6 manuals.

At first, I didn’t aim for the second “DTM”. I just continued with the advanced manuals doing my second ACB (Advanced Communicator Bronze) and my second ACS (Advanced Communicator Silver).

Likewise, I love HPL. The training is so practical that I can apply it to my working environment. I decided to do my HPL the second round during my term as DVG (Division Governor) and I choose a more challenging project.

I must say I learned more during my second attempt. I set myself a higher standard and I always ask for “strict” evaluation for my advanced assignments

The most challenging moment was during my term as DVG because I felt like I was working on two jobs. The first was paid and the second job was to serve. I had 40 clubs in my Division. Time commitment was essential. I did my very best to enriched as many members as possible.

I decided to go for second DTM after my DVG term as I had already fulfilled most of the requirements.

I would like to encourage fellow Toastmasters to attempt DTM the second round…I will say the Journey is fulfilling and there is so much more to learn. Go for it you will never regret.

Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) achievement - Nancy Liew

"Many members thought that to get to the Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) rank, the final phase in the toastmaster education & leadership tracks is unlikely possible.  When they are asked why, generally because they're "not ready", as implied.

I would like to confess that I did have such thought before, but not until I took up the Area Governor (AG) role 2 years back, on the term of 2011/2012 (my 7th years in toastmaster arena).  As the opportunity knocked, I knew it's time to capture. I knew I can do it. I began to grow and grow others with my 5 clubs to become one of the vibrant area (which made up by 2 President's Distinguished, 1 Select Distinguished & 1 Distinguished clubs). 

Overall, it took me nearly 9 years to earn my DTM title.  It's definitely a winding road, a "No pain, No gain" journey.  I faced numerous obstacles and sacrifices frequently, but I gained tremendous lessons.  I learned to be more patience and positive-minded in handling each tasks and complete it remarkably.

I would like to thank all my toastmaster friends who walk beside me along the journey.  I am pleased to share some of my memorable pictures herewith. Most importantly, thank you Toastmaster International (TI) for providing us the opportunity and platform to foster everyone's growth.

My secret of success is no secret.  I have strong belief in genuine faith, toastmaster mission and the accumulated leadership experience which helped me propel to become a leader that I wanted to be."
~ Nancy Liew

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Art of Effective Evaluation workshop (20 Jun 13)

Evaluation is a power tool that can empower and encourage an individual to grow and develop further, OR if misused, it can discourage and destroys one's self esteem.

Date: 20 June 2013 (Thursday) 
Time: 7:30pm to 10:00pm 
Venue: Room 1.05 Kolej Damansara Utama (map)
Fee: RM10 for D'Utama Members
        RM15 for non D'Utama Members & members of the public

One of the things that makes Toastmasters a unique learning activity is the system of evaluation. There is no instructor in a Toastmasters Club. Instead, we take turns evaluating each other's speeches so that we can all improve our speaking skills.

The more effectively we evaluate, the more we can help each other. And by doing this, we can all become better speakers.

So it’s vital that we learn to evaluate as effectively as possible. That's why we are dedicated this evening for the program, "The Art of Effective Evaluation". This workshop will give club members the knowledge, motivation and skills they need to become more effective evaluators.

Workshop Objectives
  • To help us recognize the purpose and value of effective speech evaluation 
  • To discover ways we can improve our evaluation skills – both individually and as a Club 
  • To stimulate group discussion on a subject of vital concern to a Toastmasters club and each other. 

Learning Method
To accomplish the above objectives, the several aspects of speaking and evaluation will be looked at;
  • Why we evaluate 
  • Why people want to learn to speak 
  • How we improve as speakers 
  • The roles we play when we evaluate 
  • The difference between evaluation and criticism 
  • How self-esteem affect learning to speak. 

The Facilitator
Johnson joined Toastmasters since September 2005 and he has attributed his growth personally and professional to the Toastmasters program. One of the tools that helped him grow was the evaluations that were given to him willing and freely by the club members. As a speech evaluator himself, he found that he was able to identify the areas of improvements not only in the speakers he was evaluating but within himself.

He obtained his Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) award in 2009. As a Toastmasters he has served as a dedicated members, various position in the club's executive committee and as an Area Governor for Division B, District 51.  He is the current term (2012/13) club president.

Academically, Johnson possesses a Bachelors of Information Technology, and a Masters of Information Systems. Professionally he has over 10 years working experience in varies industries ranging from Education, Business outsourcing, Information Technology, and Telecommunications, focusing in the field of Project Management. He is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Next Meeting: 6th June 2013

Dear members of D'Utama Toastmasters Club,
We are having yet another Toastmasters Club meeting on the 6th of June 2013 (Thurs) at KDU College in Room 1.05!
Here are the role player:
TME: Goh Sheen Yee
ASA1: Jo Chung,
ASA2: Lim Bing Yee
GE: Henry Fu
The The Tarik for the Soul: Tan Kooi Ching
Humour Master: still vacant
Language Evaluator: still vacant
Ah Counter: Irene Koh
Time Keeper: Chee Fong Hoe
There will be a short Installation Ceremony conducted to Install our newly elected Exco Committee by our Installation Officer: District 51 Secretary, Past Area B4 Governor, and club Past President, Teoh Chun Ming, CC ALB.

Assignment Speakers:
1) Tarcayani CC#3
2) Shawn Chen CC#5
3) G Levin
4) Teoh Chun MIng
Standby speaker: Chai Wen Lee
Evaluators for respective speeches:
1) Gan Teong Hock
2) Marcus Loi
3) Chan Yew Choong
4) Chu Shi Wei
If you would like to take up a role, please email me or SMS me at 012-6391878 ASAP
And remember the meeting is this coming Thursday! Lets come witness and celebrate the occasion.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Club Officers (Term 2013/14) Installation this 6th June 2013

Dear D'Utama Toastmasters members,

The month of May has truly a fun filled and jam packed month. We had 2 regular meetings, 1 workshop and our Annual General Meeting (Reference: During the last week, a large contingent of club members went to Penang to attend the District 51 annual convention as well.

The month of June will be no different as a lot of events will also take place. On the 6th of June, we will have a simple yet important ceremony to install our newly elected Club Officers for the term 2013/2014;

President: Hoo Sze Ling
Vice President - Education: Henry Fu
Vice President - Membership: Choong Voon Kwong
Vice President - Public Relation: Jack Ng
Secretary: Jasmine Khoo
Treasurer: Chan Yew Choong
Sergeant-at-Arms: Chee Fong Hoe
Committee Members: Marcus Loi, G. Levin and Terence Ham.

I can hear the questions in some of your mind;
"What happen to our Installation nite?",
"Club installation during a club meeting?",
"What's happening?",
"What's the installation?".

During the club AGM, it was recommended that the club need to lower its expenses and cutting back luxuries that is not necessary. After our recent Exco Committee meeting, it was agreed the cuts will be from the top hence this term we will be dispensing with the Installation Nite and continue to focus on our quality regular meetings.
Our Installation Officer shall be our current District 51 Secretary, Past Area B4 Governor, and club Past President, Teoh Chun Ming, CC ALB.

So let's all come together to celebrate and support our Incoming Club Officers this 6th June (Thursday).

Thank you !

Yours truly,
Johnson Yike
President (2012/13)
D'Utama Toastmasters Club (#5912)