Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Journey to DTM (2nd Round) - Soh Fong Wai

The Journey to DTM (2nd Round)

Name: SOH Fong Wai

Club: DTM TMC & D Utama TMC

There are two programs I love very much:-
1) 15 sets of Advanced Manuals
2) High Performance Leadership (HPL) Program

The 15 sets of advanced manuals (The Toastmasters Communication Track) motivated me to continue to attempt advanced assignments after my DTM. I found there were many things to learn in the advanced assignments and I loved to explore more than just 6 manuals.

At first, I didn’t aim for the second “DTM”. I just continued with the advanced manuals doing my second ACB (Advanced Communicator Bronze) and my second ACS (Advanced Communicator Silver).

Likewise, I love HPL. The training is so practical that I can apply it to my working environment. I decided to do my HPL the second round during my term as DVG (Division Governor) and I choose a more challenging project.

I must say I learned more during my second attempt. I set myself a higher standard and I always ask for “strict” evaluation for my advanced assignments

The most challenging moment was during my term as DVG because I felt like I was working on two jobs. The first was paid and the second job was to serve. I had 40 clubs in my Division. Time commitment was essential. I did my very best to enriched as many members as possible.

I decided to go for second DTM after my DVG term as I had already fulfilled most of the requirements.

I would like to encourage fellow Toastmasters to attempt DTM the second round…I will say the Journey is fulfilling and there is so much more to learn. Go for it you will never regret.