Friday, December 6, 2013

Meeting on 5th Dec 2013 by VPE- Henry Fu

(via email from Henry Fu)

Dear Fellow Members,

We just had a fantastic meeting last night with 3 prepared speeches from Yvonne Yon (CC #2), Tarcayani (CC #9) and Chu Shi Wei (AC #3 from the Storytelling Manual) plus the usual role players.

Attendance was pretty good despite the inclement weather (wet & cold) :

No. of Club Members = 25
No. of Guests             =   8
Total                           = 33

Our invited General Evaluator from Crystal TC i.e. Ng Sok Teng, ACS, ALS (AG B5, 2012/2013) gave us the thumbs up for a well-organized and successful meeting. She was visibly impressed by the lofty standards set by our Club in the conduct of the meeting and commented that if any non-Toastmaster would like to join an English Toastmaster Club, then he/she should seriously consider D'Utama TC.  Thanks, Sok Teng, for your sincere and complimentary remarks.

The success of the meeting was also partly due to the time and efforts put in by our charming, petite and amiable TME, Jasmine Khoo who managed the meeting smoothly like a pro.  Well-done Jasmine and also to all the role players for the excellent teamwork. The winners for the meeting last night were :-

1,  Best Table Topics Speaker = Hoo Sze Ling
2.  Best Assignment Speaker = Chu Shi Wei
3.  Best Evaluator = Allen Kam

Congratulations to all 3 of them!

At the beginning of the meeting, we were in a sombre mood as we listened with heartfelt sadness to an eulogy written by one of the Club's Past Presidents i.e. Vijayakumar (currently residing in Perth, WA) The eulogy was read with deep melancholy by another Past President, Lee Wei Seong for the late veteran and highly respected member of our Club i.e. DTM  Jayam  Gnanaprasagam.  For the benefit of those who are not aware yet, the late DTM  Jayam  Gnanaprasagam left us unexpectedly in a peaceful manner on 21st November 2013.  May his soul rest in perpetual peace.  Many of us have poignant and fond memories of him and of his numerous and invaluable contributions to the club especially his unique and inimitable style of speech evaluations - a very difficult to emulate act of distinction! He was indeed a fine orator - articulate and eloquent and yet humble and jovial.


Henry Fu
VP Education

Best Table Topics Speaker- Hoo Sze Ling. On the left, TME- Jasmine Khoo 

Best Assignment Speaker- Chu Shi Wei

Best Evaluator - Allen Kam

From the left, Time Keeper - Teoh Chun Ming,  General Evaluator- Ng Sok Teng, Table Topic Evaluator - Marcus Loi,  Johnson Yike, Chan Yew Choong and Ah Counter - Jo Chung