Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Regular Meeting on 19th Dec 2013

Dear Members and Guests,

Our next meeting is on 19th Dec (Thu). The TME is Billy Low, CC.

We need more roles players, especially speakers and evaluators. Anyone ?

In light of Christmas and New Year celebration, there will be a Gift Exchange session .
You can bring a gift (worth RM5-10) to be exchanged. 

Color:  Anything Red, e.g. necktie, blouse, skirt, pants, ladies' shoes, dress, etc. Henry says it will add to the Xmas atmosphere but its up to you.

     Next Regular Meeting: 19th December 2013 

Theme of the Meeting: The season of celebration
Toastmaster of The Evening (TME):Yours truly
ASA1 (registration):Lee Pek Swan
ASA2 (call meeting to order):-- Vacant --
Teh Tarik for the Soul:-- Vacant --
Table Topic Master:Nancy Liew
Table Topic Evaluator:-- Vacant --
Humour Master:-- Vacant --
Ah Counter:-- Vacant --
Time Keeper:-- Vacant --
Language Evaluator:Chu Shi Wei
General Evaluator:-- Vacant --

Assignment Speakers
Project #
1. Tee Zu Yan
CC#4 (How to say it)
-- Vacant --
2. -- Vacant --
-- Vacant --
3. -- Vacant --
-- Vacant --
4. -- Vacant --
-- Vacant --

Yours Faithfully,

Billy Low, CC