Monday, March 10, 2014

Regular Meeting on 20th March (Thu)

To all my fellow D'Utama friends and Guests 

Happy morning to you and your loved one.
I know all of were affected, one way or another, by the distressed news of the still missing MH370 plane, let us spare a thought for those on board and their family members and friends. 
As the TME for our (D'Utma) next meeting, scheduled on 20 March 2014ThursdayI have great news to bring cheers to you all: Our next meeting, scheduled on 20 March 2014Thursday, will be a "SPEAKERS' NIGHT" meeting due to the overwhelming demand for speaking slots by our members!! Tentatively, NINE speakers have SIGNED-UP for the meeting, which means that if ALL nine speakers keep to their commitments, we will be listening to not four, not five,... but NINE exciting speeches on the "SPEAKERS' NIGHT" meeting on 20 March 2014. Isn't that exciting and fun? It also means that the Table Topics session will be cancelled and instead, there will be four speeches in the first half of the meeting. Whilst Table Topics session has to give way to the additional speakers, I am hoping to have a full compliment of the other role players, including the Invocation ("Teh Tarik for the Soul") speaker as well as the Humour Master session. ALL roles are now open for members to register with EITHER Levin OR undersigned. Please email, sms, whatsApp or call me (or Levin, who is helping me to get the role playes) to book your place - role players will be registered on a first-come-first=served basis.
For the convenience of role players and/or other members, I have also included all the role player' contact details in the role players roster below. Please double-check their accuracy, and also the accuracy of your Toastmasters Titles; and confirm your role as well as any correction required (if any) of your contact details, etc, with either Levin or undersigned immediately. Your immediate and urgent responses are much appreciated, as time is of essence (with less than two weeks to go!)
HERE is the "Role Players List" for the forthcoming D'Utama "SPEAKERS' NIGHT" Meeting on 20 March 2014Thursday:

Meeting Date and Day: 20 March 2014Thursday
Meeting Venue: Room 1.05, KDU, Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya.
Meeting Type: “Speakers Night” meeting.
Meeting Theme: "Take The First Step"

 NINE speakers:
 First Half (Light and Easy):
        (1) Toastmaster Gay Sook Mei (Mobile number: 012-209 1569 / email: – Project: CC#1
        (2) Toastmaster Yap Wai Hong (012-216 8692 / – CC#1
        (3) Toastmaster Lee Pek Swan (012-296 3705 / – CC#2
        (4) Toastmaster Yvonne Yon (012-389 8980 / – CC#4

Second Half (Heavyweights):
        (5) Toastmaster Shawn Chen (019-345 7082 / – CC#8
        (6) Toastmaster Jack Ng (012-676 6690 / – CC#9
        (7) Toastmaster VK Cheong  – CC#9
        (8) Toastmaster  Alex Tan, CC - AC Manual (manual and project - TBC)
(9) Toastmaster Calvin Lim, ACS (012-202 3553 / - AC Manual (Speaking to Inform), Project #4

Evaluation Team:
General Evaluator – TBC (Role available)
Speech Evaluators (in no particular order – to be “paired” with speakers later):
        (1) Toastmaster Tarcayani, CC (018-204 2559 /
        (2)  Toastmaster Billy Low, CC (016-912 3738 /
        (3) Toastmaster  Chai Wen Lee, CC (016-216 3680 /
        (4) TBC (Role available)
        (5) TBC (Role available)
        (6) TBC (Role available)
        (7) TBC (Role available)
        (8) TBC (Role available)
        (9) TBC (Role available)
Language Evaluator – TBC (Role available)
Ah Counter – TBC (Role available)
Time Keeper – TBC (Role available)


Invocation (“The Tarik for the Soul”) – TBC (Role available)
Humour Master - TBC (Role available)
ASA #1 – TBC (Role available)
ASA #2 – TBC (Role available)                                                   

Please response to this email urgently.

Best regards and Cheers,

Gan Teong Hock
Mobile/WhatsApp/sms: +6017 351 7033