Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Results of Division B International Speech & Table Topics Contests held on 19 April 2014

Dear Fellow Members,

For the benefit of Club members who are not aware of the results of the above Speech Contests which were held earlier this afternoon at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus, Sunway, PJ, appended below are the results and other pertinent details :-

Organizing Chair : Nor Lida Dahalan ACS, ALB
Division B International Speech Contest
Contest Chair : Emily Bong, ACB, ALB
Contestants in speaking order and Winners :-

1.  Jerusha Sivaratnam (CIMA Malaysia TC) - "Bit by Bit" 

2.  Michelle Fernandez (Scope TC) - "Take a Bow" - 3rd Place

3. Simon Soh (DTM TC) - "Harmony & Synchronicity" 

4.  Johanz Ooi (DU Advanced TC) - "Kung Fu Master" - 2nd Place

5.  Alex Tan (D'Utama TC) - "I'm Perfect ... Imperfect"

6.  S. Meyyappa Manickam (Kuantan TC) - "The Diamond" - Champion

There were no time disqualifications.

Division B Table Topics Contest
Contest Chair : E Son Lee, DTM
Contestants in speaking order and Winners :-

Table Topics Title : "Should We Live Life to the Fullest?"

1.  Dennis Wee (DU Advanced TC)

2.  G. Sivalingam (D' Utama TC) - 2nd Place

3.  Manoharan Veeraperumal (Shah Alam TC)

4.  Victor Ong (Sunway University TC) - 3rd Place

5.  Simon Soh (DTM TC) 

6.  Lim Pei Ying (Crystal TC) - Champion

There were no time disqualifications.

Chief Judge : Eric Low ACS, ALB, Division W Governor

Although Alex was not placed, he put up a gallant and commendable fight in the International Speech Contest.   Siva was successful in obtaining a 2nd placing in the Table Topics Contest.  Both contests were fiercely fought - tooth and nail!  I believe the judges were having a hard time in deciding the winners and champions because the contests were of a very high standard! All the contestants spoke with eloquence, confidence and poise.  Rules of grammar were closely followed - in fact the contestants spoke almost flawless English!  Enunciation of words were crystal clear.  Vocal variety, facial expressions and body language were demonstrated to the hilt!  If there was a role for the Ah-Counter, he/she would have a very relaxing and boring role as I could hardly detect any speech crutches!

Well-done Alex and Siva - both of you have shown that you were true and courageous gladiators in the arena!

Supporters i,e, members who turned up to give moral support to Alex and Siva were Hoo Sze Ling, Ruth Ting, Amonre Chew, Calvin Lim, Teoh Chun Ming, Jack Ng and yours truly.

In the event that the Champion for Div B Table Topics Contest is unable to attend District 51 Table Topics Contest in Kuala Trengganu on 4 May 2014, G. Siva will move up and replace her at the District level contest.

The Champions of the International Speech and the Table Topics Contests were rewarded with a Challenge Trophy each and sponsorship of the Annual Convention fees worth RM 480.00 each this year, to compete and represent Div B at the District 51 Speech Contests.  This has been the traditional practice of Division B for many years for the Champions of the two speeches.  I understand that other Divisions do not have such sponsorship incentives!  Way to go, Div B!

Appended below are 2 photos taken at the event and which are self-explanatory.  Enjoy the viewing!


Henry Fu

Contest Winners & Contest Chair Persons - Division B International Speech (IS) & Table Topics (TT)
Contests - 19.4.2014
L - R : Albert Chua, Division B Governor, Victor Ong (TT Winner 3rd Place), G. Siva (TT Winner 2nd Place
Lim Pei Ying (TT Champion), Meyyappa (IS Champion), Johanz Ooi (IS Winner 2nd Place), Michelle
Fernandez (IS Winner 3rd Place), Emily Bong (IS CC) & E Son Lee (TT CC)

The supporters from D'Utama TC at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus on 19.4.2014
L - R : Amonre Chew, Henry Fu, Ruth Ting, G. Siva (TT Winner), Hoo Sze Ling, Calvin Lim, Jack Ng
& Teoh Chun Ming