Friday, June 20, 2014

Last Regular Meeting of the Club for the Term 2013/2014 - 19 June 2014

Dear Fellow Members & Guests,

I am delighted to share this great and memorable photo of "lang noi" and "lang chai" (meaning pretty ladies and good-looking guys for the non-Chinese speaking members) taken by nobody!  The camera was set on self-timing so that every soul gets into the picture before leaving for home last night.

I arrived very late at the meeting - towards the tail end when our flamboyant and debonair GE, Nancy Liew, DTM has already commenced her task of evaluating the meeting from north to south!  Sorry, I had to attend another inevitable meeting elsewhere prior to our club meeting.

But I was glad I turned up because of this rare and golden opportunity to capture the very last moment of the last regular meeting of the club on digital photography for the current term.  I am sure all club members particularly those who were present at the meeting last night will cherish this visual experience of reminiscence and nostalgia.

Kudos galore to our very capable and charismatic Club President, Hoo Sze Ling, for walking the talk - Scaling Heights and Beyond! because our club has grown by leaps and bounds not only in terms of membership size but also financially healthy (from grey to black so to speak!).

Heaps of Thanks and abundant appreciation also go to the marvelous Exco Team members for their hard work and dedication to ensure that all our club meetings, workshops, Speechcraft, YLPs and social events meet the aspirations of our members and also the public! 

Last but not the least, on behalf of the Club President and Exco, I wish to express my gratitude and "kam siah" (Thank You) to all club members for your unwavering support in terms of your attendance at club meetings, active participation in club activities, speech contests and rendering of voluntary services for the benefit of the community like Speechcraft and YLPs.  

There are more to come in the new term - only 11 days away!  The new team will count on you for your continuing support and cooperation.

If there are areas for improvement, please tell us pronto so that we can undertake corrective actions!

But if we really good at something, please spread the news to all and sundry and invite your friends to join our club asap!

Enjoy viewing the photo below and looking forward to another exciting term of challenges and greater heights to achieve!


Henry Fu

VPE 2013/2014
President-Elect 2014/2015

Group photo for the last regular meeting of the club for the term 2013/2014.

Best Table Topic Speaker - Ivy Liew

Best Assignment Speaker - Jack Ng

Best Evaluator - Hoo Sze Ling

 Reciving First Timer Ribbon - Gilbert Koh

Receiving Competent Communicator (CC) Ribbon - Jack Ng

Receiving Competent Communicator Ribbon (CC) -- Shawn Chen