Monday, November 17, 2014

Regular Meeting 20 Nov 2014

Dear members and guests,

Our next meeting will be on this Thursday (20 Nov 2014). The TME for this meeting is none other than our VPM, Chan Yew Choon, CC!

All are welcomed to join us for an educational and fun-filled meeting. Registration starts at 7.15pm.

There are still roles available for grab! For those who would like to play a role, please contact the TME.

TME: Chan Yew Choong
ASA 1 : 
ASA 2 : -
General Evaluator: 
Teh Tarik for the Soul: Nancy Liew
Table Topic Master: -
Table Topic Evaluator: - 
Humour Master: VK Choong
Language Evaluator: -
Ah Counter: - 
Time Keeper: Tan Wei Lee

Assignment Speakers and Evaluators:

  1. Argustine Mok, CC#1
  2. Tee Zu Yan CC#10