Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Youth Leadership Program - Day 1 Report (21 March 2015)

This first Youth Leadership Program for the term 2014/2015 was held at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus. It was a cool Saturday morning and the members of D’Utama Toastmasters Club were at hand to conduct the public speaking workshop for 16 young and energetic youths.

The program kicked off with Tan Kooi Ching, the ever-bubbly Chief Coordinator. She invited everyone to introduce himself/herself i.e. both participants and mentors.

The Ice-breaker session was conducted by Ryan Tang which was aimed at getting the participants to mingle and get to know each other a little better.
Kooi Ching took to the stage again to present an “Introduction to Public Speaking”, setting the agenda for the next 2 days. This was followed by a session on “Impromptu Speaking” delivered by Steven Lai who gave very useful tips on how to speak effectively off the cuff, without any preparation or warning whatsoever. 

Ryan Tang also delivered an Ice-breaker speech, demonstrating to the participants an example of how such a speech can be done. This type of speech is geared towards getting the speaker to introduce himself or herself to the audience so that they will know the speaker better than before the speech was delivered.

After this demonstration, the participants settled down to prepare their own Ice-breaker speeches. They were divided into two groups and assisted by mentors throughout the entire period. After spending half an hour preparing for the Ice-breaker speeches, the participants took turns in presenting their speeches and they were subsequently evaluated by their mentors.

The rest of the afternoon was dedicated to participants learning to organize their speeches and evaluate other people’s speeches. All mentors present also delivered evaluations of the participants’ speeches and evaluations.

The mentors present on the first day were:

Lee Boon Wei
Yvonne Yon
Hoo Sze Ling
Chee Fong Hoe
Choong Voon Kwong
Chan Yew Choong
Jack Ng
Ryan Tang
Steven Lai
Tan Kooi Ching
Chai Wen Lee

Kooi Ching rounded up the entire day with teaching the participants how to control their fear when they are about to speak in front of a crowd.

Before the session ended, all the participants were invited to give their feedback on what they have learnt and benefited from the training given that day.

Henry Fu made a brief visit in the latter part of the afternoon to observe the conduct of the training and spoke with the YLP Co-Ordinator and the mentors.

Prepared By

Hoo Sze Ling / Henry Fu