Saturday, May 30, 2015

Regular Meeting 4 June 2015 (Thursday) - Message from the TME

Dear fellow members of D'Utama Toastmasters Club,

Happy Saturday everyone!

We will have our next regular club meeting next Thursday, 4 June 2015. Yours truly will be the Toastmaster of the Evening for the upcoming meeting.

We still have 2 speaking slots and various roles up for grabs.

Theme of the Meeting: "Excellence is Our Habit, Perfection is Our Goal!"

TME: Teoh Chun Ming

ASA1 (Registration): **vacant**

ASA2 (Call meeting to order): **vacant**

General Evaluator: **vacant**

Teh Tarik for the Soul: Marcus Loi, CC, CL

Table Topics Master: **vacant**

Table Topics Evaluator: **vacant**

Humour Master: G. Levin

Language Evalautor: **vacant**

Ah Counter: **vacant**

Time Keeper: Argustin Mok

Speaker 1: Jason Lee CC# 3 (Evaluator: Gan Teong Hock, DTM)
Speaker 2: Amonre Chew CC#8 (Evaluator: Calvin Lim, ACS, CL)
Speaker 3: **vacant**
Speaker 4: **vacant**

Please do let me know if you would like to speak or take up any of the vacant roles.

Thank you and have a great weekend!

Chun Ming

Outcome of the 31st AGM on 23 May 2015 & Election of New Exco Team‏ [Message from President Term 2014/2015]

Dear Fellow Club Members,

The 31st AGM was held successfully yesterday afternoon as scheduled.

The minutes of the previous 30th AGM held on 17 May 2014 and the minutes of the EGM held on 18 August 2014 were passed and accepted unanimously by all members attending the AGM yesterday.

Similarly, the Annual Report prepared by the Club President and the Exco team were passed and accepted.

There was a minor amendment to the Financial Report.  This will be sent to all members soon.  The amended Financial Report will also be submitted to ROS subsequently.

Regarding the election of the new Exco team for the next term 2015/2016 commencing 1st July 2015, I am pleased to announce that the following members were elected successfully and democratically as follows :-

1.  President-Elect         :          Jack Ng
2.  VPE-Elect                :          Chan Yew Choong
3.  VPM-Elect               :          VK Choong
4.  VPPR-Elect              :          Chee Fong Hoe
5.  Secretary-Elect         :          Jason Lee
6.  Treasurer-Elect         :          Argustin Mok
7.   SAA-Elect               :          Lee Boon Wei
8.   IPP                           :          Henry Fu

Committee Members :-

1.  Ryan Tang
2.  (Vacant)
3.  (Vacant)

The Incoming Exco has been empowered at the AGM to appoint two suitable club members to fill in the 2 vacancies in due course.

The auditors (replacing Boon Wei and G. Levin) elected for the new term are :-

1.  Ruth Ting
2.  Calvin Lim

The election process was conducted by IPP Hoo Sze Ling while Allen Kam was appointed as the Returning Officer.  The appointed Parliamentarian was Nancy Liew.  All three members executed their roles and duties professionally and smoothly.

The authorized bank signatories have also been designated for the new term viz. President, VPM & Treasurer.

Four proposals or issues were deliberated i.e.

1.  Whether a speaker should move on to the next project when the objectives of his current 
     speech assignment are not met as evaluated by the evaluator
2.  Proposal to change the dress code for members when attending club meetings
3.  Proposal to increase the door fee for members and guests
4.  Possible relocation/change of venue for the club's meetings in future was mooted

The Secretary has minuted the salient points of the deliberation and the outcome of the proposals.  Watch out for the minutes when they are ready and made available to members soon to get an insight of the impact or implications of the above deliberations

Congratulations to the Incoming Exco Team led by Jack Ng as the President-Elect.

A vote of thanks was proposed and duly recorded for the outgoing Exco team for their performance this term.

Finally, attendees who stayed till the conclusion of the AGM were treated to a delicious and appetizing dinner at the club's expense for participating actively during the AGM - sharing constructive ideas and suggestions to enhance the performance of the club to the next level.

Appended below are some photos taken during the AGM and dinner for your viewing pleasure :-


Henry Fu
Club President
Current Exco Team 2014/2015 : L-R Boon Wei, Yew Choong, Jack, Henry, Shawn, Jasmine
Sze Ling & VK [Not in Pic - Fong Hoe, Shi Wei, Pek Swan, Wee Li & G. Levin]

Incoming Exco Team 2015/2016 : L-R Boon Wei, Yew Choong, Jack, Henry, VK, Calvin &
Ruth. [Not in Pic - Fong Hoe, Jason, Argustin & Ryan + 2 more Comm. Members to be appointed

 A good spread of appetizing victuals for attendees of the AGM!

Can you recognize the diners?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Art of Effective Evaluation - THANK YOU

Dear Toastmasters & Friends,

THANK YOU for attending D'Utama Toastmasters Club's Express Workshop, "The Art of Effective Evaluation" by Robert Ram and our meeting. It was a pleasure to be your Toastmaster of the Evening (TME) & I truly hope you have enjoyed and learned something from that evening. 

As promised by our speaker, please find the link to the presentation & bonus materials below:
Materials by the Speaker:

The video recordings' "D'Utama Toastmasters Meeting (21 May 2015)" of that night is also available via the following YouTube channel: TheProVoices.

To keep up-to-date with our latest news and events, please feel free to LIKE our Facebook page:

Feel free to drop-by if wish to our next meeting on 4 June 2015.
Till next we meet, have a fantastic time Toastmastering!

Yours truly,
Johnson Yike
D'Utama Toastmasters Club (#5912)

D'Utama Toastmasters Club Installation Nite (Saturday, 13 June 2015)

Dear members and guests,

Greetings to you.
On behalf of the Club, we are pleased to share and inform that D'Utama Toastmasters Club will be 30 years old and next month, June we are celebrating this milestone event during our Club's installation night!

Therefore all members are invited to come and support this said event. Please bring your friends and family along.

Details of the event as follows:
Theme: Tropicalia
Date: Saturday, 13th June 2015
Time: Starting from 6.00pm (SHARP) onwards
Venue: Boat House Restaurant, No.16, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, TTDI, 60000 Kuala Lumpur
Dress Code: Beach wear / Hawaiian style
Fee: RM75 per person - Payment in cash (there is no ticket to pass out) can be made to Hoo Sze Ling, Chee Fong Hoe, or yours truly. 

For more info, please see the poster below:

Kindly register early as we will need to inform the chef the number of food to prepare - as to avoid or minimize wastage.

Thank you and have a great week ahead.

Best regards,
Calvin Lim

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Express Workshop: The Art of Effective Evaluation (21 May 2015)

In the Toastmasters community, we recognize that “Evaluation is the breakfast for Champions”. D’Utama Toastmasters Club is proud to bring to you an express workshop on the topic of The Art of Effective Evaluation.

Evaluation is not only beneficial to Toastmasters but also to professionals & individual's development. Here are some of the benefits of being effective in evaluation;
  • It enhances our Observation skill
  • It enhances our Listening skill
  • It helps us to develop Critical Thinking and Analytical skill
  • It builds Others & Oneself when evaluation is delivered effectively.
    Venue: Room 1.05, Kolej Damansara Utama (location map)
    Date / Time: 21 May 2015 (Thursday), 7:30PM to 9:00PM

    Light refreshments will be served before the workshop commences. For us to better manage the logistic arrangements, please click here to register (Update 22 May 2015: Event completed).

    Our esteem special guest speaker is Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Robert Ram.

    Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Robert Ram was Division E Governor of District 51 for the Term 2012 – 2013 and his team achieved the 'President Distinguished Division' award). He is the current champion of both Humorous Speech Contest and Evaluation Speech Contest for the term 2014 – 2015. He is was also the Evaluation Speech Contest champion for term 2013 – 2014.

    District 51 Humorous Speech Champion (term 2014 - 2015)

    Professionally, Robert Ram is an Internet Marketing Consultant. He specializes in teaching real estate agents on how to attract more customers via the internet easily. His website contains useful advice on how to make money online. He is knowledgeable in PHP, Visual Basic & MySQL programming.

    A licensed auctioneer since 2000, Mr. Robert Ram is well sought after on many property related internet forums. Mr. Robert Ram pioneered the use of computer based tools for vastly improving the efficiency of real estate agents in their day to day business transactions in 1999. This novel manner of obtaining up to date & relevant property market information has challenged the traditional manner of real estate agency practices

    Public Speaking is his passion. Robert Ram has written 6 books on Public Speaking. His recent book is entitled Fearless Public Speaking.

    His website contains useful tips on how to become a successful public speaker.

    Mr. Robert Ram believes in adopting marketing strategies from other industries into his business in order to remain the market leader in his industry. He continues on his quest of ‘doing more with less’ in every aspect of his business.

    District 51 Evaluation Speech Contest (term 2014 - 2015)
    Speech by Test Speaker:
    Robert’s Champion Evaluation:

    Interested to participate? Please click here to register (Update, 22 May 2015: Event completed).

    If you have any queries, please feel to contact the Toastmaster of the Evening, Johnson Yike (jyike78(at) 

    Next Meeting: 21 May 2015 (Theme: Help Me, Help You!) - Ready, Set, GO!

    Dear D'Utama Toastmasters and friends,

    I hope you all had a fabulous fun-filled time celebrating Mothers' Day over the weekend. Our parents are truly the only ones that has seen us through our individual lives, helping us and molding us from the start so that we can be the person who we are today.

    After our parents have laid the foundation, it is then up to us to find opportunities to grow. Our club is one of these opportunities, and from the immortal phrase from the movie 'Jerry Maguire', the theme for our meeting on 21 May 2015 is 'Help Me, Help You!

    We will start the ball rolling by inviting a Special Guest Speaker, Robert Ram, DTM to share about his knowledge, wisdom and experience about "The Art of Effective Evaluation" during the first half of the meeting.  Robert Ram is the current District 51 Champion of Humorous Speech Contest & Evaluation Speech Contest. He was Division E Governor for the term 2012 - 2013, and during that term, Division E achieved 'President's Distinguished Division' status. A humble and dedicated Toastmaster who is ever ready to assist the growth of others.

    After the break, we will resume our usual meeting format of Assignment Speech Speakers & Evaluations session.

    The meeting will be at our regular venue of Room 1.05 Kolej Damansara Utama, starting from 7:30PM to 10:00PM.

    (Updated 17th May) ALL OPPORTUNITIES HAVE BEEN TAKEN UP! Now it's time to come together, learn new things, meet new friends and help each other GROW!!

    Theme of the Meeting: Help Me, Help You!
    The Cast (as of 17 May 2015, updated):
    Toastmaster of The Evening (TME)
    : Johnson YIKE, DTM
    ASA1 (registration) : CHOONG Voon Kwong, CC
    ASA2 (call meeting to order) : CHAN Yew Choong, CC
    Ah Counter : LIM Mei Ching, TM
    Time Keeper : Jason LEE, TM
    Language Evaluator : LIM Bing Yee, ACS
    General Evaluator : May ONG CC (from OUM TMC)

    Assignment Speakers Project # Evaluators
    1. Argustin MOK CC#5 (Your Body Speaks) Marcus LOI, CC CL
    2. Tanya TAN CC#5 (Your Body Speaks) Yvonne YON, CC
    3. Amonre CHEW CC#7 (Research Your Topic) Calvin LIM, ACS
    4. TEOH Chun Ming CC ALB AC Speeches by Management #5: 
    The Adversary Relationship
    G. Sivalingam, DTM

    To download the meeting programme sheet: Click Here.

    READY, SET, GO !!!. Till then, keep looking out for opportunities to help yourself by helping others! Have a great week!

    Yours truly,
    Johnson Yike, DTM
    Toastmaster of the Evening (for 21 May 2015)

    Update #1, 11 May 15 @ 12:10PM: Speaking Slots all FULL.
    Update #2, 12 May 15 @ 4:19PM: General Evaluator role filled by May Ong, CC from OUM TMC. Language Evaluator filled by Lim Bing Yee, ACS. Ah Counter role filled by Lim Mei Ching, TM. Yvonne Yon, CC as Speech Evaluator for Tanya Tan.
    Update #3: 13 May 15 @ 10:21AM: Time Keeper filled by Jason Lee, TM and G. Sivalingam, DTM as Speech Evaluator for Teoh Chun Ming.
    Update #4: 14 May 15 @ 11:10AM: Marcus Loi, CC CL as Speech Evaluator for Argustin Mok.  
    Update #5: 17 May 15 @ 9:54PM: Chan Yew Choong CC, as Assistant Sergent-at-Arms (ASA) 2, VK Choong as ASA1, and Calvin Lim ACS as Speech Evaluator for Amonre Chew. READY, SET, GO !! 

    Wednesday, May 13, 2015

    Notice of the 31st Annual General Meeting on Saturday, 23 May 2015‏

    Dear Members of D'Utama Toastmasters Club,

    Notice of the 31st Annual General Meeting (AGM) is hereby provided to the club members. The details of the AGM are as follows:

    Date   : 23 May 2015 (Saturday)
    Venue : KL Event Venue
                125A, Jalan Aminuddin Bakti
                Taman Tun Dr Ismail
                60000 Kuala Lumpur
    Time   : 3.00PM to 6.00PM (Refreshment will be served at 2.00PM)

    For more details of the AGM, please refer to attachment sent by the Club Secretary on 2 May 2015.

    We look forward to your attendance and support in bringing our club to greater heights in the following term 2015/16.

    Should you have any queries on the matter matter, kindly contact the Club Secretary or the President. Thank you.

    Yours sincerely,
    Shawn Chen
    Club Secretary - Term 2014/15

    Thursday, May 7, 2015

    Regular Meeting 7 May 2015 (Thursday)

    We had a great meeting on 30th April. We will do it again next week!

    Our next meeting is 7th May 2015. The TME will be our natural humorous speaker, VK Choong, CC

    Please kindly contact VK if you would like to play a role or speak.

    Theme : TBA
    TME: Choong Voon Kwong

    ASA1: Tanya Tan

    Teh Tarik for the Soul: Argustin Mok

    Humour Master: Chee Fong Hoe

    Table Topic Master: Teoh Chun Ming
    Table Topic Evaluator: Hoo Sze Ling

    General Evaluator: Jeannie Carrera Chow
    Language Evaluator: VACANT

    Ah Counter: Jack Ng
    Timekeeper: VACANT

    Speaker 1:‎ Lim Bing Yee
    (Evaluator 1: ) Gan Teong Hock

    Speaker 2:  ‎Johnson Yike
    (Evaluator 2):‎ Allen Kam

    Speaker 3:‎ VACANT
    (Evaluator 3: VACANT

    VK Choong