Saturday, May 30, 2015

Outcome of the 31st AGM on 23 May 2015 & Election of New Exco Team‏ [Message from President Term 2014/2015]

Dear Fellow Club Members,

The 31st AGM was held successfully yesterday afternoon as scheduled.

The minutes of the previous 30th AGM held on 17 May 2014 and the minutes of the EGM held on 18 August 2014 were passed and accepted unanimously by all members attending the AGM yesterday.

Similarly, the Annual Report prepared by the Club President and the Exco team were passed and accepted.

There was a minor amendment to the Financial Report.  This will be sent to all members soon.  The amended Financial Report will also be submitted to ROS subsequently.

Regarding the election of the new Exco team for the next term 2015/2016 commencing 1st July 2015, I am pleased to announce that the following members were elected successfully and democratically as follows :-

1.  President-Elect         :          Jack Ng
2.  VPE-Elect                :          Chan Yew Choong
3.  VPM-Elect               :          VK Choong
4.  VPPR-Elect              :          Chee Fong Hoe
5.  Secretary-Elect         :          Jason Lee
6.  Treasurer-Elect         :          Argustin Mok
7.   SAA-Elect               :          Lee Boon Wei
8.   IPP                           :          Henry Fu

Committee Members :-

1.  Ryan Tang
2.  (Vacant)
3.  (Vacant)

The Incoming Exco has been empowered at the AGM to appoint two suitable club members to fill in the 2 vacancies in due course.

The auditors (replacing Boon Wei and G. Levin) elected for the new term are :-

1.  Ruth Ting
2.  Calvin Lim

The election process was conducted by IPP Hoo Sze Ling while Allen Kam was appointed as the Returning Officer.  The appointed Parliamentarian was Nancy Liew.  All three members executed their roles and duties professionally and smoothly.

The authorized bank signatories have also been designated for the new term viz. President, VPM & Treasurer.

Four proposals or issues were deliberated i.e.

1.  Whether a speaker should move on to the next project when the objectives of his current 
     speech assignment are not met as evaluated by the evaluator
2.  Proposal to change the dress code for members when attending club meetings
3.  Proposal to increase the door fee for members and guests
4.  Possible relocation/change of venue for the club's meetings in future was mooted

The Secretary has minuted the salient points of the deliberation and the outcome of the proposals.  Watch out for the minutes when they are ready and made available to members soon to get an insight of the impact or implications of the above deliberations

Congratulations to the Incoming Exco Team led by Jack Ng as the President-Elect.

A vote of thanks was proposed and duly recorded for the outgoing Exco team for their performance this term.

Finally, attendees who stayed till the conclusion of the AGM were treated to a delicious and appetizing dinner at the club's expense for participating actively during the AGM - sharing constructive ideas and suggestions to enhance the performance of the club to the next level.

Appended below are some photos taken during the AGM and dinner for your viewing pleasure :-


Henry Fu
Club President
Current Exco Team 2014/2015 : L-R Boon Wei, Yew Choong, Jack, Henry, Shawn, Jasmine
Sze Ling & VK [Not in Pic - Fong Hoe, Shi Wei, Pek Swan, Wee Li & G. Levin]

Incoming Exco Team 2015/2016 : L-R Boon Wei, Yew Choong, Jack, Henry, VK, Calvin &
Ruth. [Not in Pic - Fong Hoe, Jason, Argustin & Ryan + 2 more Comm. Members to be appointed

 A good spread of appetizing victuals for attendees of the AGM!

Can you recognize the diners?