Monday, June 6, 2016

Leadership Forum on 16th June 2016 by Soh Fong Wai, DTM

Toastmasters Leadership Forum
Want to learn how to become a great leader?
Great leaders Plan, Listen and Give Feedback.

Date: 16th June 2016 (Thursday)
Time: 7:30PM (light dinner starts at 7PM)
Venue: Kolej Damansara Utama (KDU) Room #1.05, Damansara Jaya (map)
Fee: RM10 for D'Utama TMC club members | RM15 for Guest
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Facilitator: Soh Fong Wai, DTM
Master in Accountancy and Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Strathclyde University, UK. Awarded two Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) in 2008 and 2013. He loves the Toastmasters Leadership program and had personally benefited while serving as Club President, Area Governor, Club Mentor and Club Sponsor. During his term as Division W Governor, he served the largest division which had 40 clubs and more than 1000 members. He believed facilitation skills are essential for his Division Governor's role as well as for his business. He loves the Advanced Communication manual, Facilitation Discussion and actively shares with Toastmasters members the practical application of the manual.

The Presenters...
Tan Lay Theng, ACB ALS

Lay Theng joined Friendship Toastmasters Club in 2004. Her main objective then was to improve communication skills, especially public speaking. Over the years, she has assumed various leadership roles in Toastmasters. In her role as as Club President, Area Governor, Division Governor, and Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) Chair, and in chartering and supporting new clubs. She discovered the power of Toastmasters programme in providing her the opportunity to enhance critical leadership skills. Lay Theng will be please to share her insights, especially how planning and implementation skills have helped her in fulling greater responsibilities in her life.

Lim Bing Yee, ACS

Bing Yee has been a Toastmaster for 20 years. She is a teacher by profession and has taught in various international schools in Kuala Lumpur and New Zealand. She has gained an immense degree of satisfaction contributing her time to Bird Conversation projects, under the umbrella of the Malaysian Nature Society.

Johnson Yike, DTM

Johnson joined the Toastmasters organization back in 2005 and has served in various club executive committee, and district positions. Professionally, he has worked for over 15 years in various industry such as Information Technology (IT), Telecommunications and Business Outsourcing, primarily in the field of Project Management. Academically, he has a Masters of Information System and several industry related professional certifications. In leading and managing projects & teams, Johnson strongly believes that feedback plays a crucial role in understanding and delivering customers' need while synergizing the teams' characteristics and capabilities.

           Seats are limited. Please kindly RSVP by clicking HERE


Seats are limited. Please kindly RSVP by clicking HERE