Friday, August 19, 2016

Executive Committee 2016/2017 - Ignite Your Passion and Shine


Theme of the Year : Ignite Your Passion and Shine

 Chan Yew Choong, ACB
Member since : 2012

Chan Yew Choong serves in the insurance industry. He spends his time appreciating the outdoors. He loves nature and enjoys hill trekking from time to time. 

A pure Malaysian, he enjoys the food that the land has blessed him with. He aspires to be an entertainer as nothing brings him greater joy than seeing people from all walks of life having a good time thus, he has recognized that the need to communicate effectively to different kind of people is very important.

He has benefited greatly from Toastmasters and would like for more people to be exposed to what a Toastmaster club is by accepting the role of president.

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V.K. Choong, ACB
Member since : October 2011

V.K. Choong is a fun-loving individual who brings laughter to the table every time he's around. A manager for a telco corporation, V.K. enjoys playing badminton and spends his free time reading and is also an avid movie-goer.

He joined Toastmasters after witnessing that it is a great place to improve communication skills and also it provides a good platform to polish leadership skills of an individual.

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Chee Fong Hoe, CC
Member since : Nov 2009

Having a deep passion in the investment sector, Chee Fong Hoe is currently a sales manager in a trading firm. 

A Toastmaster because he believes in lifelong learning, Chee Fong Hoe likes to expand his horizons by travelling the world. He enjoys meeting new people, something that the Toastmasters experience manages to bring to him. Other hobby includes hiking, swimming and Yoga.

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Azlan Hateem, TM
Member since : Oct 2015

Azlan is banker by profession, serving in the sales force for a local bank. A man of many talents, Azlan enjoys pushing his boundaries in life be it in self-development, or challenging the mental limits of the human body.

He enjoys a good laugh between good friends. A sportsman since young, he plays futsal, football, and has recently picked up trail-running as a new hobby. Other hobbies include graphic designing and reading.

A firm believer that a person can achieve anything in life when placed in the correct environment, he believes that Toastmasters provides a great platform to enhance and strengthen the communication and leadership skills of a person, both essential in building an individual's character and in becoming an effective leader.

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Kris Sonsin, CC
Member since : April 2014

Kris is an English lecturer by profession. Born in the United States of America, Kris has been exposed to many different cultures of the world having traveled to numerous countries ever since she became an expat in 2008.

Not one to say no to adventures, she likes to balance it out closer to home with simple pleasures such as cooking, reading, and writing. 

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Ryan Tang, TM
Member since : 2015

Ryan is currently undergoing his final year of studies. He enjoys doing sports such as basketball and jogging and has also recently started to pick up swimming as well. He loves the color blue and wouldn't mind having salmon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

He also plays video games and is a big fant of Counter Strike (to be exact, Counter Strike: Global Offensive) and he also think that Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the greatest actor of the current generation.

To quote Ryan,

"In life, I believe that if you stop learning, stop discovering, life would be so boring and stale. Therefore live your life as YOU see fit. Be happy, like that kid from Up!"

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Tanya Tan, CC
Member since : 2014

Tanya is a Russian name, a great name with many women of high caliber named after it. To share a few, Tanya Tucker, an American country music singer, Tanya Chua, a singer in Singapore, or even Tanya Roberts, an actress.

However, there's only one Tanya Tan.

Tanya began her Toastmaster journey about two years ago. Tanya is an avid singer, and is blessed with a great voice. She found in Toastmasters what she has been looking for many, many years prior. She was looking for her own voice, and she found it in Toastmasters.

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Argustin Mok, CC 

Jamaine Loo, TM  

Terry Ong, TM


Jack Ng, CC, CL

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