Tuesday, November 28, 2017

International Night by D'Utama Toastmasters Club (30-NOV-2017)

Room 1.05 KDU Damansara Jaya 
(for more info, see poster)

Ladies and gentlemen, D'Utama Toastmasters Club is going international this Thursday!

Speakers from around the globe are going to share their ideas and speeches for your enjoyment.

With the theme of "INTERNATIONAL NIGHT", we are going to celebrate diversity by having speakers from Indonesia, China, USA, and Malaysia to deliver their speeches right here at Room 1.05, KDU (DJ).

Come! Join us for a night of engaging speeches delivered from around the globe. Eat, laugh, and build meaningful connections. Perhaps, you could even ignite your PASSION for public speaking.

For first-timers, you will be able to witness:

1. Impromptu speeches during our Table Topic Sessions! (You can join too!)
2. Polished and objective-driven speeches in the Prepared Speech Session
3. Honest feedback and suggestions for improvement in the Speech Evaluations session.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Regular meeting (19th October 2017): Deepavali - The festival of lights

REGULAR MEETING (19th October 2017)
"Deepavali - The festival of lights"
TME: Lim Mei Ching

Ladies and gentlemen, together we shall celebrate the victory of light over darkness with a night full of insights and warmth. We will be the brightest place in the whole KDU College!
Our talented and beloved Lim Mei Ching shall lead the meeting as the Toastmaster of the Evening. Members and guests are encouraged to dress with traditional indian clothing to celebrate the occasion.

For first-timers, you will be able to witness:
1. Impromptu speeches during our Table Topic Sessions! (You can join too!)
2. Polished and objective-driven speeches in the Prepared Speech Session
3. Honest feedback and suggestions for improvement in the Speech Evaluations session.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

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Ladies and gentlemen, do you know what you love to do? What if i told you that i know what you love to do, it is to come to this meeting...and have tremendous fun. Sounds about right isn't it. 😉

All jokes aside, our club will be having regular meeting on 21st of September. All are welcome to join as we indulge ourselves with good food, intelligent speeches and inspiring speech evaluations.

Other than that, you could also mingle around, building those precious rapport. A few distinguished guests will be attending the meeting as well, one of them is none other than Dr. William Lau, PQD of District 102.

For first-timers, you will be able to witness:
1. Impromptu speeches during our Table Topic Sessions! (You can join too!)
2. Polished and objective-driven speeches in the Prepared Speech Session
3. Honest feedback and suggestions for improvement in the Speech Evaluations session.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

17th Aug 2017: Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest

You Will Be Entertained!

Come and join us to witness the public speaking prowess of all our members!

D'Utama Toastmasters Club is proud to present Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest on the 17th of August. There will be witty, funny and entertaining speeches for you to enjoy. There will also be insightful and encouraging evaluations for you listen.

Click on the poster above to confirm your attendance on our FB event page.

If you have any inquiries, please to contact:
Azlan Hateem: +6018-262 9488
PM us on our FB page "D'Utama Toastmasters Club".

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

PHOTOS: Regular Meeting 3rd Aug 2017 - Glass Half Full

Hey all,
Club President VKChoong presenting the Club's Handbook & Constitution to the club's new member, May.

We had a wonderful meeting last Thursday, some of the most interesting speeches are being presented on that night. The photos captured on that night are now available for viewing.

Click on Azlan's (leftmost) impressively wide eyes to view the photos! 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Word of the Day - ebullient

Word of the Day:


1. cheerful and full of energy.
"she sounded ebullient and happy"

synonyms: exuberant, buoyant, cheerful, joyful, cheery, merry, jolly, sunny, jaunty, lighthearted, elated

2. archaic literary
(of liquid or matter) boiling or agitated as if boiling.
"misted and ebullient seas"

Friday, July 28, 2017

Next meeting: 3rd August 2017 - Glass Half Full

Ladies and gentlemen,

The next D'Utama Toastmasters Club meeting is just around the corner. In fact, it is so close that we only have 518400 seconds left till the day of the meeting (10 seconds has just passed after i completed this sentence)!

The meeting will be on 3rd August 2017 (Thursday), registration and refreshment shall be serve before the start of the meeting (7:15pm). Toastmaster of the evening will be Ryan Tang, CC. Current Vice President of Public Relation of D'Utama Toastmasters Club.
In this meeting, you will be able to witness speeches from the Competent Communication manual and Advance Communication manual.

For first-timers, you will be able to witness:

1. Impromptu speeches during our Table Topic Sessions! (You can join too!)

2. Polished and objective-driven speeches in the Prepared Speech Session

3. Honest feedback and suggestions for improvement in the Speech Evaluations session.

Come join us for a fulfilling evening, and be mesmerized by the richness of the prepared speeches. For more information on the meeting, please contact the phone numbers listed at the bottom left side of the poster.

Installation night (22nd July 2017)

On 22nd July 2017, D'Utama Toastmasters Club held an installation night. It was a night to remember. Many members and guests arrived with creative costumes based on the theme "Heroes and Villains". From The Riddler to Freddie Cougar/vampire/witch mashup. The meeting was also coupled with sumptuous dinner prepared by Coomeen Seeds Food Services.

Click on the image above to have a view of events captured from that night (ie. photos).

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Next meeting: 6th July 2017 - THIS IS THE MOMENT

"The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you're not going to stay where you are."
---- J.P. Morgan

We are not going to stay where we are, we are going to hit the ground running!

D'Utama Toastmasters club will be following up on last week's meeting with another meeting on the 6th of July 2017, kicking off the new term (2017/18).

Immediate Past President (IPP), Chan Yew Choong (ACB), will be leading the meeting after having served the club for a year as the president (2016/17).

He has chosen "This is the Moment" as his theme for the evening.
Why? Let's find out!

For first-timers, you will be able to witness:
1. Impromptu speeches during our Table Topic Sessions! (You can join too!)
2. Polished and objective-driven speeches in the Prepared Speech Session
3. Honest feedback and suggestions for improvement in the Speech Evaluations session

It'll be another interesting meeting for all to enjoy be it as club a member, a visiting Toastmaster, or as a guest. Be a part of an enjoyable evening!

For further info, kindly reach:
1) VPM - Chee Fong Hoe +6012-356 3820
2) VPE - Azlan Hateem +6018-262 9488

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Next Meeting : 29 June 2017 - Hari Raya Aidilfitri

It's time to bid farewell to the excellent Executive Committee of 2016/17 of D'Utama Toastmasters Club. 

D'Utama will be having its concluding meeting for the term which marks the end of another chapter for the club.

The Toastmaster of the Evening for the final meeting will be D'Utama's very own VPE-elect for the term of 2017/18, Azlan Hateem!

The meeting coincides with the Hari Raya period thus he has chosen the theme of "Hari Raya Aidilfitri", a festival to be celebrated together.

For first timers, you will be able to witness:

1. Impromptu speeches during our Table Topic Sessions! (You can join too!)
2. Polished and objective-driven speeches in the Prepared Speech Session
3. Honest feedback and suggestions for improvement in the Speech Evaluations Session.

Also, the meeting will feature three (3) Advanced Manual speeches by three (3) distinguished speakers of D'Utama Toastmasters Club. They are: Kris Sonsin (CC, ALB), Steven Lai (CC, CL), and Johnson Yike (DTM).

There will also be a birthday celebration for April, May, & June babies!

To put it short, it'll be another interesting meeting for all to enjoy be it as a club member, a visiting Toastmaster, or as a guest.

Do wear a Baju Melayu or Baju Kurung if you have one to further enlighten the meeting! Come and be a apart of an enjoyable evening with us at D'Utama!

PHOTOS: Regular Meeting 15 June 2017 - Courage

Hi all,

Photos from our previous meeting is now available for viewing. 

Click on the smiley faces above to view the fun we had!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Next Meeting: 1 June 2017

Hey you!

D'Utama will be having three (3) meetings in the month of June before ending the term of 2016/2017.

The upcoming meeting will be held this Thursday, 1st June 2017 and will feature two (2) CC#10 speeches, one (1) speech from the Advanced manual, and one (1) speech from the Successful Club Series.

The meeting is open to all and we would like to invite guests to come and find out what a Toastmasters club does. Kindly find more information about the meeting in the poster attached or speak to us directly via the number provided above.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Next Meeting: 18 May 2017 - The Purpose Driven Life

Hey you!

We want YOU to join us during our club meeting, this coming Thursday!

If you're curious about what a Toastmasters club is all about, join us as a guest and discover what the club has to offer to you as person.

For more info on our meetings or anything Toastmasters-related. Kindly call the number stated on the poster above.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

D'Utama Evening Tea Series: A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Have you ever wondered who etched their mark on the D'Utama Hall of Fame?

While on a recent visit back to Malaysia with his family, someone was willing to spill the beans on a bit of his D'U life, where he even met his beautiful wife, Chin Wee Kean.

D'U folks I'd like you to meet our fascinating ex-member David Ingram, ACS.

Originally from UK, he continued in the Education field whilst in Kuala Lumpur and other parts of Asia. Eventually he moved on to become a humble Founding Headmaster of Dulwich College Shanghai Minhang

Get a bit of a snapshot of history through his eyes. And I certainly believe once a Toastmaster...always a Toastmaster. We stay connected.

Discover more from the brief interview conducted while sipping cups of Boh tea on a little hill:

Q: When were you a member of D'Utama Toastmaster's Club? 


Q: Which was your most outstanding  achievement you accomplished?

When I was at D'Utama, it was a highly exciting environment - a wonderful combination of inspiration, competition and fellowship. I was really fortunate to learn and develop in this environment so while I was at D'U I was able to achieve a range of honours: District Speech Evaluation Contest Champion 2003 and District International Speech Contest 1st runner up in 2003 and 2004. But the biggest honour was winning D'U TM of the year. 

It is such an amazing Club and I felt very proud and humbled to achieve this. Of course, I also met my wife at D'U and that was a rather special achievement as well.

Q: What's the best way to be the best speaker you can be?

I believe that getting better never stops. I see every speech and every meeting as an opportunity to learn. Seek feedback and practice, practice, practice! 

Q: What has been the most memorable public speaking experience you've had up to this point?

I've been fortunate to enjoy a wide range of experiences as a public speaker - as a Toastmaster and as an educator. I have won lots of competitions but my highlight was probably making my ice breaker speech in Mandarin, which was really most challenging.

Q: If you could give some words of inspiration to the current D'Utama Club members what would you say?

One of my favourite books is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. A quote from that book is:

"A philosophy for life: I am an adventurer looking for treasure."

I would encourage you to approach every Toastmasters meeting, every speech with that philosophy.

Lim Bing Yee, ACS

Monday, May 1, 2017

Fellowship Outing: Labor Day in Bukit Kiara

A few members of the D’Utama Toastmasters Club decided to wake up early Monday morning and head over to Bukit Kiara for a nature-appreciation trip.

The short trip saw five club members hiked all the way to the peak of Mont. Kiara (approx 250 above sea level) before descending down to Taman Persekutuan for a nice, short picnic.

Check out photos below!:

Smiley faces before the hike. Didn't last too long once the hike began..
(From left: Chee Fong Hoe, Kris Sonsin, Jamaine Loo (blue), Azlan Hateem, Hwen (in orange), Lim Bing Yee (red bandana), & Hadley)

 Club secretary, Kris Sonsin, & Bing....I'm just not sure what they're doing here honestly...

 A collection of exotic plants found throughout the trail

  And some beautiful insects too

 The mother and daughter combo Gwen & Hadley, taking a breather.

Club secretary, Kris Sonsin, enjoying the shade provided by the bamboo plantation.

Picnic time!

All in all, it was an amazing time spent with fellow club members. All the participants of the hike had fun, no injuries were inflicted, and a whole lot of sweat was produced. That means: we will definitely be coming back again! We hope anybody who is reading this had a great day as well.

Until next time!

Contributed by:
Azlan Hateem
D'Utama Toastmasters Club

Next Meeting: 4 May 2017 - Keeping Cool

Dear friends!

Happy Labor Day!

It's nice to have an extra day off from the office isn't it? At least we here from D'Utama think so.

We would like to make an update that we would be having a regular meeting this coming Thursday (4th May 2017). The meeting is set to be an interesting one as it will be led by a debutant TME, Toastmaster Lim Mei Ching!

The meeting will also showcase four prepared speeches and we will also be given an opportunity to witness a speech from the Better Speaker Series.

If you're reading this, please know that you are welcome to join us, be it as an existing Toastmaster from another club or as a guest who would like to explore and experience what Toastmasters is all about. You won't be leaving empty-handed, guaranteed!

Either way, we look forward to see you. Kindly just drop us a Whatsapp or give us a call to notify of your attendance so we could accommodate you better. See you Thurs!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Next Meeting: 20 April 2017 - There Is Life After Work

Fellow Toastmasters and guests!

We will be having a regular meeting on the 20th of April (Thursday)!

The theme of the evening will be "There Is Life After Work" and will be led by club VPM, Chee Fong Hoe!

Kindly find the poster for location and timing information. Any further enquiries, kindly reach us @ 018-262 9488 (Azlan) or 016-288 2966 (V.K. Choong)

Guests are welcome to join us in what will definitely be a fun meeting for all :)

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Fellow Toastmasters and guests,

We had a great month of March. Speech contests, workshops & YLPs, all in the stretch of 30 awesome days.

We are pleased to conclude this great month with a regular meeting on the 30th of March (tomorrow).The theme of the evening will be "Hidden Figures" and will be led by Toastmaster Calvin Lim, ACG!

For more information about Thursday's meeting, kindly reach our VP Education, V.K. Choong @ 016-288 2966 or VP Public Relations, Azlan Hateem @ 018-262 9488. See you Thursday!

All are welcome to join us and learn together 😊. Cheers everyone!

Best Regards,
D'Utama Toastmasters Club

Monday, February 27, 2017

Youth Leadership Programme (18th & 19th March 2017)

Dear Members, Friends and Guests !

D'Utama Toastmasters is organizing its annual Youth Leadership Program (YLP) this coming March 2017. The details are as follows;


Date: 18th (Saturday) & 19th (Sunday) March 2017
Time: 8:30AM - 5:00PM
Venue: Wisma Bakti,No 6, Changkat Abang Haji Openg,Taman Tun Dr Ismail,60000 Kuala Lumpur (Google map here)
Age Group: 13 - 17 years old

What is Youth Leadership Programme?
  • It is a 2-day informal course in Communication and Leadership Skills. Your child will be coached in public speaking skills which include speech preparation and delivery, and professional feedback.
  • It is an opportunity to practice expressing thoughts clearly to others through participating in group discussions and decision-making activities.
For further enquiries, please contact any of the following;
  •  Steven Lai , email: lai_steven@hotmail.com | mobile: 016-368  0972
  •  Ryan Tang , email: tang5501@live.com.my | mobile: 012-602 1738
To download the Registration Form, please click here.

Have a look at the activities of the previous YLP below;

Next Meeting: 2 March 2017 - Now and Here

Fellow Toastmasters and friends,

We will be having three (3) meetings in the month of March. The first meeting of the month will be on this coming Thursday, 2nd March 2017 and will be led by Toastmaster Leong Wee Hao.

It will be a special one as two (2) speakers will be attempting their Advanced Communication manual speeches. It will surely be an interesting meeting night for the club.

The Toastmaster of the Evening (TME), Leong Wee Hao, has chosen the theme "Now and Here" as his theme of the evening. Want to find out why was theme chosen by the TME? Join us as we listen to his side of the story, together!

For more information about Thursday's meeting, kindly reach our VP Education, V.K. Choong @ 016-288 2966 or VP Public Relations, Azlan Hateem @ 018-262 9488. See you Thursday!

Best Regards,
D'Utama Toastmasters Club

Thursday, February 23, 2017

16 Feb 17 - Homecoming Night (Joint Meeting w/ MIEA TMC)


"a social event for a group of people who have not seen each other for a long time"

"a situation when people meet again after they have not seen each other for a long time"


D'Utama held a joint meeting with MIEA Toastmasters Club on the 16th of February 2017. The word "reunion" carried many significance to the meeting that was held last Thursday such as:

1. It was the meeting's Word of the Day
2. It was a reunion for D'Utama TMC's members after a period without a club meeting.
3. It was the return of an ex-member of D'Utama, Billy Low (current President of MIEA TMC)
4. It was the coming together of two close clubs as D'Utama TMC were the sponsor club of MIEA TMC during its inception.

The meeting was attended by a total twenty (20) members and non-members alike and had a great mixture of members from both clubs in the audience. The Toastmaster of the Evening (TME) role was carried by D'Utama's very own VPE, V.K. Choong with the theme of his choice, Homecoming Night.

The meeting began at 7:45PM and was called to order by the ASA-2 of the night, club past-president, Gan Teong Hock, as he led the room to a club customary practice, singing of Negaraku -- the Malaysian national anthem --, and getting guests to introduce themselves. He then handed over the control to club president, Chan Yew Choong, to deliver his opening address. He inspired the crowd by sharing a story of his journey in Toastmasters and how he slowly climbed up the ranks before eventually becoming the president of D'Utama TMC. His takeaway message was to never stop moving forward as sometimes life has something planned for you that might not be obvious at the present moment.

Club President, Chan Yew Choong, inspiring the audience with a sharing of his Toastmasters journey.

The control was then handed over to the Toastmaster of the Evening (TME), V.K. Choong, who is also current term's vice president of education (VPE). He proceeded to highlight a few changes in the agenda and shared about his selection of the theme for the meeting by introducing Billy Low, the President of MIEA TMC, who was once a D'Utama TMC club-member. 

Nostalgia: V.K. Choong shared a story about MIEA's current club president, Billy Low, during his time as D'Utama TMC member.

The word of the day, "Reunion", was then introduced by Steven Lai, a D'Utama TMC past-president, the acting Language Evaluator (LE) of the night before going into the Table Topics session led by Kris Sonsin, who is also club's current term EXCO member serving as the secretary.

Past president Steven Lai, anchoring the role of Language Evaluator for the night.

"I'm looking for victims" 

The table topic session was partook by five (5) gallant volunteers. The five speakers were Gan Teong Hock (D'Utama TMC), Agnes Chan (MIEA TMC), Azlan Hateem (D'Utama TMC), Billy Low (MIEA), and a guest participation from Jonathan Boudville. Theme of the session was closely knitted around the topic of "reunion" and "teamwork". Some were funny, some were serious, but no doubt all speakers were capable of speaking off the cuff. The speakers were then evaluated by the Table Topics Evaluator (TTE) of the night, Calvin Lim, ACG.

Past-president Gan Teong Hock, the first volunteer of the evening.

Guest Jonathan Boudville, courageously answering the table topic challenge.

The TTE of the evening, Calvin Lim, sharing his thoughts on the table topic speeches.

The TME then surprised the audience with an impromptu humor session. He entertained the audience by sharing a joke about Bill Clinton and his unwillingness to spend money for finer things in life. 

A master stand-up comedy in action, V.K. got the whole room laughing with his humorous story.

The meeting then went for a 12 minutes break beginning 8.28PM before resuming at precisely 8.40PM. The ASA-2 of the night picked up where the meeting left off and handed the control back to TME. The TME, V.K. Choong, then went on to explain about how to become a D'Utama TMC member. Guests are to attend three (3) club meetings in the space of two (2) months before being eligible to register as a D'Utama TMC member. V.K. then elaborated further about why such mandate was imposed in D'Utama TMC.

Gan Teong Hock, picking up where we left off.

Without wasting time, the meeting then entered the prepared speech session in which four (4) speakers attempted speeches from the competent communicator manual. Three speakers were from MIEA TMC meanwhile D'Utama had one speaker for the night. The three speakers from MIEA TMC were Agnes Chan, Stephanie, and Juliana Teh meanwhile Reuben Thum attempted project 3 of the CC manual.

 First prepared speech speaker of the night, Reuben Thum, with a marvelous speech about the beauty of writing.

 Agnes Chan of MIEA TMC, charmed the audience with her uplifting speech entitled "The Three-Legged Dog"

  Stephanie of MIEA TMC, sharing her story of being underwater through her speech, "The Loving Sport"

Showing how it's done. Juliana Teh demonstrating the many varieties of selfie techniques during her speech entitled "The Importance of Selfie"

No speech in a Toastmasters club will be complete without an evaluation. Leading the evaluation session was a distinguished guest, Sue Ding (DTM), who is currently the immediate past district governor. Under her roster, was an excellent lineup of evaluators who provided concise and compact feedback to all the speakers of the night. The technical evaluators who obediently performed their duties throughout the meeting were Steven Lai (Language Evaluator), Serene Tan (Ah-Counter), and Leong Wee Hao (Time Keeper).

Immediate Past District Governor, Sue Ding (DTM), displayed class and injected energy during the evaluation sessions.

Left: Joshua of MIEA TMC, delivering his feedback on Reuben's "Write to Live Life Twice"
Right: Palash Ray (TM), sharing his thoughts and view on Agnes Chan's attempt on her CC#5 project: Your Body Speaks

Left: Distinguished Toastmaster, Johnson Yike, giving his insights and shared some room for improvement on Stephanie's "The Loving Sport"
Right: Chai Wen Lee (ACB), sharing her thoughts on the final prepared speech of the evening, "The Importance of Selfie"

 The meeting the proceeded to the award presentation session. The winners for the night were: Billy Low as the best Table Topic speaker, Agnes Chan as the best Prepared Speech speaker, and last but not least, Johnson Yike as the best Speech Evaluator for the night. However, that's not all. It was a special night as D'Utama's very own club secretary, Kris Sonsin, was awarded with her Competent Leader title after completing her Competent Leadership manual. Bravo, Kris!

 The woman of the moment, Kris Sonsin, receiving her CL ribbon from club president, Chan Yew Choong. She is now officially Kris Sonsin, CC, CL!

The meeting was then closed off by Billy Low, the president of MIEA TMC. It was only fitting for the meeting to start and be closed off by the two presidents as the meeting proved to be a successful one. Members of both clubs got to know each other better and we are definitely looking forward to the next joint meeting with other clubs as well.

More photos from the meeting can be found on our Facebook page. Click here to view.

We are happy to announce that our next meeting will be held on the 2nd of March 2017. All are invited, do join us!