Monday, January 23, 2017

D'Utama Fellowship Trip - Port Dickson 14 Jan 2017

Haiku #1

Port Dickson calls to
D’Utama Toastmasters,
“Let’s make it happen.”

The Fellowship of the Bing

12 brave adventurers rose,
To the challenge Bing proposed,
For her knowledge of nature is vast,
For her love of nature unsurpassed.

Azlan helped in organizing this,
He’s fit but blazer no longer fits,
Was at a wedding to give a speech,
Was late but just in time for the beach.

Johnson’s monopod’s extending,
Ain’t no road too long for Chun Ming,
Paulyn readies the game card stack,
Ain’t no mountain too high for Jack.

“Ignite your passion and shine,” said Yew Choong,
Tanya couldn’t wait to sing a good song,
Teaching, traveling are Kris’ passion,
Mei Ching craves a karaoke session.

Wee Hao can’t make it but joined in spirit,
11 companions now, so be it,
Reuben is in charge to write this whole thing,
They shall be — the Fellowship of the Bing.

Haiku #2

Port Dickson seems to
Have a lot of Stops and Gyms;
“Gotta catch ‘em all.”

The Return to the Kin (Villa)

January 14th when they set forth,
PD from KV — opposite of north,
Dunkin’ Donuts where they wanted to meet,
Three rides initially to form the fleet.

Lukut Museum was their first stop,
The fort can be found right at the top,
Ample history from tin mining,
To arts and crafts and canons and kings.

Weather so scorching Chun Ming donned a hat,
Then to Lucky King Bun for lunch and chat,
Washed it down with some ais kacangs,
After which, no more hunger pangs.

Checking in at the Kin Villa 2,
Bungalow so huge it has five loos,
Afternoon tea in the living room,
Azlan arrived before sunset looms.

Strolling by the seaside to catch some sun,
Beach was stony but skipping them was fun,
The fellowship tried the body alphabet pose,
Tried “D’Utama” but didn’t even come close.

Johnson, Paulyn was out and gone,
Came back with a bunch of Rhyhorns,
Jack soon arrived a little later,
In time for Jimat Tomyam dinner.

Food was good and fresh was the produce,
Kris said no one mixes milk with juice,
Juices ordered came in a jar,
Yew Choong got locked inside Bing’s car.

Returning to the Kin Villa after dinner,
The fellowship sat by the porch for more chatter,
Sitting, staring at the waning gibbous moon,
When tired, they all retreated to their rooms.

Haiku #3

Port Dickson’s great with
Sun and sea and friends and fun;
“Where the heck’s Reuben?”

The Two (Lighthouse) Towers

Morning run canceled due to downpour,
‘Cause Azlan jinxed it the night before,
Off to a stall for some coffee and tea,
Everyone had their fair share of roti.

Tanjung Tuan a jungle untouched,
The hike up top, they enjoyed it much,
Nice to be able to get out of the city,
As the spectacled langur watched them curiously.

The Portuguese lighthouse’s 500 years old,
The Dutch and the British, they came and they stole,
A new structure built has huge radar gun,
That’s like two towers for the price of one.

The trees and the birds, Bing assigned to name them all,
Reuben took it too seriously and went AWOL,
They spied with their little eyes across the Strait,
“That white horizon’s Indonesia,” Bing said.

Savoring watermelon within nature’s riches,
While playing Taboo and Charades left them in stitches,
Remember to ask Jack during next congregation,
To do Donald Trump and Michael Jackson impressions.

Back to the bungalow they’re ready to go,
Reuben won a watermelon and mango,
For “helang lebah’s” binomial nomenclature,
Jack’s last to arrive, first to say, “See ya later!”

To Teluk Kemang Observatory,
Its telescope’s largest in the country,
After luncheon at Double Queue Thai,
Port Dickson, it’s time to say goodbye.

Haiku #4

Port Dickson smiles at
D’Utama Toastmasters,
“We’ve made it happen!”

- Reuben Thum, TM