Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Fellowship Outing & Joint meeting: Sg. Lembing

A beautiful dawn that perfectly kick off the fellowship trip

We set off in hot pursuit of adventure, camaraderie, and the spirit of Toastmasters. Excitedly, we chatted, making our way east to Sungai Lembing for a fellowship trip and joint meeting with Kuantan Toastmasters club.

After a late lunch we started our holiday with a self-guided tour of the Sungai Lembing museum. We learned about the history of the area, the mine, and the people. We took photos and eventually found ice cream to beat the heat before heading to check into our lodging for the weekend.

Museum Sungai Lembing
What is workplace safety?
Machinery that propel human advancement

Keep pushing!!

The next morning, we arose before dawn for an invigorating hike up Bukit Panorama and a planned impromptu speaking session with a view.

After breakfast we went to the Sungai Lembing mine museum. A tin ore car took us underground, into the mine itself, where we walked along the same paths as the miners, taking in the history of the mine and the refreshing cool air. We posed for group “mining” shots, and peered down tunnels that were no longer safe. It was a bit daunting to realize the tunnel we were in was actually much larger, and probably brighter, than when the mine was operational.

Good morning
An impromptu session

Here we go!
A different kind of walk to work 

"Where is that gold bar you were telling me about?"

We split up for lunch in the new town before heading to SJK (C) Lembing school for the joint meeting. When we arrive, the Kuantan club had already set everything up and was waiting for us. They greeted us warmly, with big smiles, hearty handshakes, and hugs.

We enjoyed (another) impromptu speaking session, answering some of life’s most pressing questions. There were prepared speeches: one about the history and joy of garlic, “Fantastic Garlic Sauce”; and one an award acceptance speech by a grateful Toastmaster, “A Tale of Two Clubs”.

After a snack break (including bread and garlic sauce), one of our Distinguished Toastmasters shared a presentation with us about the importance of and distinction between showing, persuading, and inspiring. Then we nodded in agreement and murmured approval during the evaluation session. We concluded with a photo session for the ages, preserving our time together for all to see.

All prepared for an engaging meeting

Speaker: Kris Sonsin

Speaker: Siva

Congratulation Mei Ching!
Group-fie time

Miss you guys!

After a rest, most of the D’Utama club drove into Kuantan to have a joint dinner at a local Thai restaurant. We feasted on fish, prawns, and laughter. Exhausted, we drove back to Sungai Lembing and tumbled into our beds.

The next morning, our last day, most awoke early, feeling refreshed and feeling inquisitive. In small groups we made our way across the hanging bridge to the old town, enjoying the early morning mist over the river and a gentle rain. We snacked on homemade tofu-fa, herbal jelly, and soup with homemade noodles. We wandered around the village, taking in its charm, and leaving just before the crowds of tourists arrived.

We packed up our things and made our way for one last memorable stop: The LaoZi Dragon temple. We trekked our way through a very long dragon before being spit out its mouth. Statues of the zodiac, religious figures, and dinosaurs were spread out around the park.

Old town
Good old days

Yin & Yang


After a quick lunch we got back into the cars, our bellies and hearts full and our minds satisfied. One Toastmaster eloquently summed it all up perfectly:

With heavy hearts but lighter spirits,And aching feet but comforted minds,We left the River of Spears tired but inspired,And brought back memories and camaraderie,Of Toastmasters past and present,In a meeting that was truly pleasant...